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Aborted Pediatric HIV vaccines likely to offer some protection from the virus

hiv datingA recent acknowledgement conducted from the research of HIV vaccines stated that, the pediatric HIV vaccines, which were earlier aborted proves to be effective in the prevention of the risk caused due to the infection. The acknowledgment was published by the researchers of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, subsequent to conducting a research on the two failed HIV vaccines, which were earlier tested in the year 1990.

Initially, these vaccines proved to be ineffective as they failed to elicit BNAs, i.e. broadly neutralizing antibodies when given to the infants. However, after the recent research was conducted, it was discovered that these vaccines protected against HIV by eliciting antibodies, which get attached to the outer envelope of the HIV, as opposed to eliciting the BNAs. Subsequent to this, the researchers went on to trying the vaccines, which were earlier tested in 1990.


The Berlin Patient treatment being replicated by researchers to cure HIV cases!

hiv treatmentSince 1980, scientists have been working hard on finding a permanent cure for HIV / AIDS. The most effective finding by date is the antiretroviral therapy, commonly known as ART, which supports the immunity of a person by suppressing the ability of the virus to replicate. Although, no definite drug has been discovered to cure HIV, there has been one man who got cured from this infection. Famously known as the “Berlin Patient”, this man is believed to have undergone a combination of treatments, which finally contributed to the viral load being undetectable.